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“Dedicated, independent professionals work together on a per project basis.”

A good client-agency relationship in many respects is like a close personal relationship. Both require trust, understanding and are nourished by frequent communication.

We are selective. Joan Schuman leads every project. To make that possible, we limit the clients we work with at any one time. Whoever else works on the team with you is selected specifically to get the job done right.

JSA has won 60-plus local, regional and national advertising and public relations awards.

Joan is an entrepreneur, a writer and an educator.

She started JSA over 25 years ago, and during that time she and her talented associates have worked with several hundred clients from around the world. “We no longer need a large staff and subsequent large overhead to help our clients achieve their goals. Dedicated, independent professionals work together on a per project basis.”

Joan has been a science, health, travel, and technical editor and writer for more than 25 magazines and journals, including over 200 published articles and hundreds of news releases.

As an educator, Joan has taught Public Relations and Business Communications at Marist College and SUNY New Paltz. She is presently an instructor of Public Relations at New Paltz for both undergraduate classes and graduate international business students, and just created the curriculum for a new digital marketing certificate program course.